Turks and Caicos Island, 2003-2006 Circus on the Table Series

Cheerful liar

2004 acrylic on canvas 150x125 cm

Looking for Guidance

2004 acrylic on canvas 105x125 cm

Small Pleasure of Life

2006 acrylic on canvas 125x150 cm

Peace Disturbed

2005 acrylic on canvas 105x125 cm


2005 acrylic on paper 85x65 cm

The Trickster

2005 acrylic on paper 85x65 cm

During the winter of 2004 until March of 2005, Banziger spent nearly four months on the island of Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. During that period, his thoughts meandered around the idea that important decisions and destinies are often discussed and decided during a meal. Didn't T.E. Lawrence once say that,"… he and Churchill had together decided the fate of the entire Middle East over a great meal? " This quote was the starting point for his inspiration of the entire series. Staged on a dinner table are absurd scenes of leadership and politics, portrayed by antique toys of various sizes and materials with a touch of whimsy.