Manila, 1976-1977

Ominous Cloud

1976 oil on canvas 46x61 cm

Embrio in the clouds

1976 oil on canvas 46x61 cm


1977 oil on canvas 46x61 cm

In the Philippines and the Far East, where Banziger had regularly spent time during his business career, he hoped to find the necessary space and freedom of spirit to provide him with the inspiration to lead the life of an artist. At this point in his life, the twenty nine year old dove into auto didactic study with enthusiasm and determination, holding as his motto, 'learning by doing'. Once he arrived in Manila, however, his life became marked by a self imposed solitude and meager circumstances. Soon he was forced to support himself through one of his earliest occupations; selling clothes. Despite the hardship of having a day job and painting at night, and through this lifestyle, a 'virtual' isolation, it was during this period that Banziger discovered his capacity to express himself artistically, and to develop his own painterly language. During this beginning period, he was in great measure stimulated by the exotic Bohemian atmosphere of Manila at that time.