Nolde Banziger

Painter & Sculptor

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1946 Born in Zurich, Switzerland
1965/66 Studied in Paris and London
1976/77 Resided in the Philippines
1977/78 Resided in Los Angeles
1979/1992 Residing in New York
Since 1992 Residing in New York and Pietrasanta, Italy

Selected Exhibitions

2018 NAG Art Gallery, Pietrasanta, Italy
2018 Comune di Volterra, Volterra, Italy
2015 Bank Raiffeisen, Zurich, Switzerland
2012 Galerie Alexander E. Räber, Zurich, Switzerland
2011 Galerie Alte Tankstelle, Zurich, Switzerland
2009 Galerie Mainau 34, Zurich, Switzerland
2006 Kulturscheine, Herrliberg, Switzerland
2004 Bamboo Gallery Turks and Caicos
2004 Schlossh of Pommersfelden, Germany
2001 Plattform 22, Küsnacht, Switzerland
2001 Gallery Commercio, Zurich, Switzerland
1999 Gallery Alexander E. Räber, Zurich, Switzerland
1997 Seagram Building, New York
1997 Gallery Eberhart, Zollikon, Switzerland
1996 Gallery Eberhart, Zollikon, Switzerland
1996 San Agostino, Pietrasanta, Italy
1995 Fortezza Montalcino, Italy
1994 Hyposwiss, Zurich, Switzerland
1993 Town of Marignana, Italy
1993 Gallery Eberhart, Zollikon, Switzerland
1992 Paintings for Christopher Columbus Quincentennial, USA
1991 Gallery Eberhart, Zollikon, Switzerland
1989 Gallery Andy Jllien, Zurich, Switzerland
1988 Gallery Commercio, Zurich, Switzerland
1987 Gallery Benkert, Küsnacht, Switzerland
1986 Swiss Institute, New York
1986 Art ' 86, Basle , Switzerland
1986 International Contemporary Art Fair of London, England
1985 Littlejohn-Smith Gallery, New York
1983 Bologna and Landi Gallery, East Hampton, New York
1983 Westbroadway Gallery, New York
1982 Indago House,New York
1981 Interart ' 81, The Equitable Gallery, New York
1981 Gallery Chichio Haller, Zurich, Switzerland
1980 The front Gallery, New York
1979 A. Deusser Museum, Castle Bad Zurzach, Switzerland
1979 Gallery Commercio, Zurich, Switzerland
1977 Silangan Gallery, Manila, Philippines